Baby Fever Must Haves

Copper Pearl provides functional and thoughtful design for all babies, especially newborns. The Sleep Bag is a best seller because it zips all the way down which makes diaper changes no hassle. Their sleep bags have a 1.25 Thermal Overall Grade for room temperatures between 65-75 degrees F for comfort in all seasons. The three-layer design provides slight weight to promote sound sleeping and coziness. Copper Pearl has more than 100+ different prints and we’re sure you can find one you love.

Magnetic Me is a popular baby brand their footies are soft and chic with magnetic fasteners that make changing time easy as 1, 2, 3. The magnets are safely sewn in and are inaccessible to infants. They offer sizes PRE, NB, 0-12M, so there’s something for everyone. With no over-the-head design so every thing will be faster and easier. 

Warmies are microwaveable plush stuffed animals which supply warmth and comfort. They are all scented with real dried French lavender and provide the perfect amount of weight for positive sensory experiences. Warmies are made for people of all ages because of the many benefits they have.

Lil’ Naked Bee is similar to the other Naked Bee we offer in store, but it’s only for littles. It’s gentle, non-drying, and with an Orange Popsicle scent or Lavender Lullaby. They offer giggles not tears foaming shampoo wash, cheeks to cheeks face and body lotion, and morning and night lotion.