Hidden Gems

Don’t you love going into a store and finding something you didn’t expect? Here at Simply Devine we are always getting new little gems that might not have been here the last time you stopped by. Between the changing of our seasonal decor and clothing, you are almost guaranteed to find something new. We also have some gems that are out year round that you may not know about. Hot Ruby, Littlest Words Project and our Rewards Cards are a few. 

Hot Ruby was such a huge hit last holiday season we decided to keep it out year round. Hot Ruby is more than just your typical cider, it is a cranberry and citrus beverage that is infused with cinnamon and clove. You can serve it hot or cold but personally, I like it best hot. Hot Ruby would be perfect to serve at a family holiday party or just to get cozy on the couch and watch your favorite movie. Hot Ruby also offers a dessert sauce called Sweet Ruby. It is made with fruit and pecans and is delicious served over ice cream or pound cake. You can’t tell me that doesn’t make you hungry. 

Littlest Words Project is another gem we have here at Simply Devine. These dainty bracelets have words of encouragement on them that you are supposed to wear when you are feeling the need to be encouraged. The way the Littlest Words Project recommends you wear them is once you wear it and get all the self-love and confidence you need, you pass it on to someone who you feel needs to hear the words of encouragement. Such a cool idea.

Our Simply Devine Rewards Cards are another little gem that some of you may not know about. When you come into our store and spend $50 dollars, you get a stamp per $50 dollars that you spend. So if you spend $100 you get 2 stamps. Once you fill up your card with 10 stamps you are able to get $25 dollars off of a purchase.