It’s All About You

Now that 2020 has finally come to an end it’s time to make 2021 all about you! At Simply Devine we have everything you need to start focusing on yourself this year. Our fav brands like Farmhouse Fresh, Airomé, and even the New York Times Bestselling book: Live will give you the extra push to make 2021 yours. 

Self care begins when you love who you are on the inside. Sadie Robertson and her New York Times Best Seller: Live can help you and every woman to become their confident self and live a very fulfilling life. In this book, Sadie reveals what it is like to truly live and be confident in who you are. Sadie shares inspirational stories and pictures embracing the many adventures life has to offer. This book can show you how to live in the moment, how to dream big and follow your passion, and much more! Throughout this book every lady will be inspired to do whatever it takes to be the strong and confident women they were made to be!

Aromatherapy uses natural plant extracts to promote your health and well-being. Who would have thought by just smelling an oil the health of your mind, body, and spirit can improve! At Simply Devine we have almost every oil you could possibly think of including purify & cleanse and beauty sleep. Both of these oils can lead to being a better you. With COVID knocking on everyone’s door it is very important to clean and purify everything. With purify & cleanse you add a few drops of this oil with water into a diffuser and instantly the oil will clean, purify, and refresh everything around it. It also helps that it smells so fresh and clean. Getting sleep is a key part in becoming a better you because you are not you when you’re tired and everyone knows it. Beauty sleep is the essential oil that can help with that. Add this oil with some water in a diffuser 10 minutes before you’re ready to hit the hay. This oil induces sleep, calmness, and rest causing you to get some well deserved beauty sleep. Laying there smelling the soft floral aroma calms your mind and you slip into your dreams and wake up feeling better than ever. 

A good spa day is all about you, so let’s bring the spa to you. Anything Farmhouse Fresh screams spa! Starting with our new illumination fruit peel mask. After 1-3 minutes this brightening fruit acid peel naturally exfoliates your skin using alpha hydroxy acids. It leaves your skin feeling dramatically renewed, vibrant, and ridiculously smooth just after one use! Not only do we have face masks but we also have an amazing honey heel glaze. This honey heel glaze moisturizing serum leaves your feet looking like you just got a pedicure. It is made with live papaya fruit cells, honey, and aloe that are all full of vitamins leaving your feet no greasy and radiant. You can use a little dab or put a thick layer on gray your coziest socks and let it soak overnight. So ladies, grab your cucumbers put them over your eyes and enjoy yourself!

Let us help you make 2021 all about you! Here’s to a happier and healthier you!