Vera Bradley’s New Recycled Cotton

Have you heard Vera’s new exciting news? Their legendary cotton is now recycled! How exciting is that! Don’t worry, your favorite handbag and wallets are still going to have the same vibrant, soft, comfy, and lightweight feel that we have all come to know and love! 

So now you’re probably wondering how it works! For years Vera has worked on trying to get their recycled cotton perfect. Their new cotton blend is 50% cotton and 50% recycled cotton to create the soft but durable and even washable material that we all love.

Vera’s process of making this new recycled cotton is environmentally safe and very effective. Their recycled cotton mostly comes from too much raw material and consumer scraps.  Once they have the recycled cotton it is then cleaned thoroughly and then shredded. Once the cotton is shredded it is blended with conventional cotton and re-spun into new sustainable yarn. All products are still 100% cotton, but recyclable cotton is the best yet!

Switching to recycled cotton has made a huge impact on our planet! Vera is bring life to old unwanted cotton and still using as few environmental resources as possible! Water scarcity has improved by 43% and global warming has reduced 13% just by using recycled cotton. That’s incredible! 

Vera Bradley partnered up with Lana Condor. You may recognize her from the Netflix original movie To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before! She has always been a huge fan of Vera! “I have loved, loved, loved Vera Bradley forever, so this news is so, so exciting!” Xo, Lana Condor. 

Since 1982 Vera Bradley has made bags, wallets, duffles, and much more but for the first time they are moving to recycled cotton and here at Simply Devine we are stoked! With the same lightweight and soft feeling qualities, but with benefits that help save our planet we couldn’t be more excited! Come in and try Vera Bradley’s new recycled cotton and hopefully you will love it as much as we do!