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      31 products

      31 products

      Picture this; fabric that's soft as silk, divine & dreamy and sustainably made. Modal can withstand countless washes without pilling or fading and is more eco-friendly than bamboo.

      Parenting can be hard, but dressing your baby should be easy. There are a lot of baby clothes for you to choose from, so we make the easiest baby clothes to put on. Our baby attire, baby outfits, baby onesies, baby jammies, baby footed pajamas, and baby matching sets feature sew safe™ magnetic closures. They connect quickly and quietly, so you can spend more time connecting with your baby. Our unique baby clothes simplify at least one thing about being a new parent!

      Our easy to change baby clothes also have the look and feel you want. If you’re looking for cute baby clothes, organic baby clothes, trendy baby clothes, or boutique baby clothes, we’ve got them!  Our baby clothes patterns add loads of personality to essential silhouettes that come in all the baby clothes sizes you will need … all without those cumbersome snaps!

      Our products meet the highest standards (hey, we’re parents too!). Magnetic Me makes footies, onesies, gowns, jackets, and accessories in super soft organic. Check out our cotton baby romper, cotton baby hat, and organic cotton baby clothes for yourself to feel the difference.

      We also make our unique baby clothes in modal because we care for your baby and the planet! Modal is made from beech trees using a responsible and sustainable process. What we love about modal the most is its silky-soft texture that breathes in warmer temperatures and keeps your baby cozy in chillier ones, perfect for any season, indoors and outdoors.