101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science
101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science

101 Awesome Women Who Transformed Science

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"Reading this book has altered by angle of vision. If it had been available to me when I was twelve it would have transformed it entirely" - Laurence Inman, The School Reading List

Discover the inspirational stories of 101 brilliant female scientists and the many discoveries, inventions and breakthroughs they brought into the world.

This book features inspiring STEM heroes from many different countries and cultures, some of which are still working today - pushing the frontiers of scientific fields from engineering to astrophysics.

These trailblazing women will fire the imagination of children everywhere! The captivating biographies, quotations and accessible facts are brought to life with charming illustrations.

These pioneering women include:
• Katherine G. Johnson (African American mathematician during NASAs first space launch)
• Ellen Ochoa (First Hispanic woman astronaut)
• Émilie du Châtelet (French mathematician in the 1700s who fought for her rights to study math/science)
• Etta Zuber Falconer (one of the 1st African American women to receive a PhD in Mathematics)
• Carol Shaw (First female video game designer)
• Joy Adamson (scientist/conservationist who raised lion cubs)
• Sun Yung Alice Chang (Chinese American mathematician)

This is a perfect title for kids aged 8+.